Beginning next week (Monday 3/3 & Tuesday 3/4) you will be expected to design and implement an experiment over the following two weeks.  The general topic will be peroxidase enzyme in plants, using the two techniques you practiced last lab session (isoelectric focusing to determine the presence of isozymes, and nitrocellulose stamping to measure peroxidase concentration and location).  

By next Monday or Tuesday, you should think about some ideas of an experiment you can perform, comparing the amount and/or activity of peroxidase in different plants; or in the same type of plant growing in different places; or in different parts of the same plant; or in identical plants that have been treated in different ways; or in the same plant in different stages of growth.  Come up with your own idea!  If the experiment your group designs is ORIGINAL and CREATIVE, you can earn 5 points extra credit on your lab report.

By next Monday or Tuesday, you should decide on two classmates with whom you would like to form a group to carry out your experiment.  (These groups can be established in class if you don't know who you want to work with yet.)  Your group will decide on the experiment you'll undertake; plan the experiment step by step; divide the work (equally among group members!); and decide who will be responsible for individual sections of the final lab report.  

Your group lab report will consist of an abstract, introduction, materials & methods, results, and discussion.  Every student will write a materials & methods section and a results section.  The abstract, introduction and discussion sections will each be written by a different member of the group (who will receive a grade for his or her individual section).  These reports will be due by Friday, April 21.  To help you understand how to write the materials & methods and the introduction for your lab report, call up the file below.  It has some examples from papers, as well as some general directions.  Directions for the other sections of your report (results, discussion, abstract) will be posted next week.  


Use these directions and examples to complete your writing assignment:

By next Monday or Tuesday, you need to hand in a writing assignment, worth 10 points to your final grade.  I have re-posted some of the directions you followed for part of Experiment 4 on Enzyme Kinetics.  (You did this experiment back in February.)  Using the writing directions posted above, rewrite the Enzyme Kinetics directions as a Materials & Methods section that you would submit for publication.  Remember that this will not be rewriting step-by-step directions; it must be in the form of a narrative in passive voice.  (Note that there will be extra information in the step-by-step directions that you won't have to include in your narrative.  Refer to the directions (About Scientific Writing) on the link above.)  The step-by-step directions are found in the file below: 


SO:  For next Monday's or Tuesday's Labs:  

    No quiz, BUT you must hand in your writing assignment (of Materials and Method narrative from the experimental procedure you did in Experiment 4).

    You will rejoin your group from last week and analyze your gel, and draw conclusions regarding the experiment you performed last week.

    Be prepared to form a group with two other students to plan an experiment about peroxidase in plants.  You will discuss your ideas with the instructor or TA and get approval before proceeding.

    You will also be given your next writing assignment, which will be due the following lab period.




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