Welcome to Pathophysiology for Fall 2008

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bulletSyllabus for  Fall 2008
bullet Daily quizzes for Exam 1
bulletStudy guide for Exam 1
bulletDaily quizzes for Exam II
bulletStudy guide for Exam II
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bulletStudy Guide for Exam III
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bullet Daily Quizzes for Exam IV
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PowerPoint Presentations:

bullet Intro and cellular responses
bulletNeoplasia updated 8/28/07   click here for article mentioned in class
bulletInfectious Disease
bulletInflammation and Fever
bulletImmunity and Hypersensitivities
bullet Immunodeficiencies and HIV/AIDS
Exam II Material
bulletAltered Erythrocyte Function 
bulletAltered Leukocyte Function and Clotting
bullet Cardiac Structure and Function
bulletVascular Pathophysiology
bullet Cardiac Pathophysiology A
bulletCardiac Pathophysiology B
bulletEND of EXAM II
bullet Structure and Function of the Pulmonary System
bulletPulmonary Pathophysiology
bulletReview of Renal Structure and Function
bulletRenal Pathophysiology
bulletEND of EXAM III
bulletFluid and Electrolyte Balance 
bulletAcid/ Base Balance  
bullet Musculoskeletal Pathophysiology
bulletEND of EXAM IV
bulletNervous System Review
bulletNeurological Pathophysiology 
bullet Transmissible Spongiform Encephalopathies  
bulletThyroid pathologies Subject to Change